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Since 2005, preparations have been underway to start the production of special, long-lasting rollers even under extreme operating conditions. The roller type - for which our company has a license - has already produced many years of reliable operation, primarily in the mines of South Africa.

With our products marketed under the EU-ROLLER brand name, we want to be a significant supplier to the mining industry, waste processors, power plants and other companies using surface or dust technology.

Given that the original products were manufactured in South Africa - primarily to meet local and American mining industry needs - the product range did not include the sizes according to the European DIN Standard, only the coll series.

We manufacture and distribute the basic types and their DIN equivalents with increasing capacity in addition to continuous improvement. We currently export coll series to Australia, USA, Indonesia, Chile and China. From the DIN series, we deliver primarily to Germany and Finland.

In addition to the above basic types, we also developed a new Impact roller type equipped with an aluminum sheath, which quickly became popular on the American and Australian markets.

EU-Roller 194/40

The use of rollers with a larger diameter and load capacity with the synthetic clay coating produced by us appeared as a new customer demand - mainly in the power plants and mining industry of Western Europe. Currently, there is no such type on the market, the task is solved with significantly louder steel rollers. With the tightening of the noise emission rules, our partners predict a very serious market in the event that, after successful development, we can replace the current rollers with our product. We have completed the development of the type, the prototypes are being tested in laboratories and with end users.

In addition to the above type, in the near future we will also be offering special versions - AX that can withstand high side loads, AS with double side protection, ARB that rotates in one direction, and antistatic and flame-retardant FRAS designs in all basic sizes.